VOAR : a configurable web-based environment for visualizing and manipulating multiple ontology alignments

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Bernardo Severo
Cassia Trojahn dos Santos
Renata Vieira

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Philippe Cudre-Mauroux

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Tool/System Report
Ontology matching is an active research area aiming at providing solutions to the ontology heterogeneity problem. While most efforts in the field are dedicated to the development of matching approaches, less has been done in terms of alignment visualization. However, providing ways for visualizing alignments is required in many tasks involving users in the process (alignment evaluation, validation, comparison, repairing, etc.). This paper presents a Web-based environment for visualizing, editing and evaluating multiple ontology alignments. Users can configure their environment choosing different visualization modes and creating different profiles. They can apply a set of operations on the alignments (filtering, merge, etc.) and evaluate them against a reference one, using classical compliance metrics. Ontology and alignment libraries allow for users storing and searching them in the system.
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