User Profile Ontology for the Internet of Things

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Andrea Pabon-Guerrero
Lider Rojas
Miguel Niño

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Armin Haller

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Ontology Description
Determining the context in which the user is located is key to personalizing services in the Internet of Things. A generic, semantic, interoperable mechanism that manages user profile is thus required. Using ontologies that can model user preferences and their context according to both their location and the activities they are executing, a user profile management mechanism for IoT is proposed that enables users to establish preferences on smart objects that when taken into account create personalized services with minimum human intervention. The methodology used in creating this user profile ontology facili-tates rapid building of a formal, evolutionary model. To validate the solution, a case study adapted a semantic interaction sce-nario of smart objects, in which incorporated real users measured the ability of these to personalize the services provided. The results suggest that the ontology offers a good solution for semantic interoperability scenarios of smart objects that adapt their services to user characteristics. Testing verified that services were adjusted automatically within an acceptable time (52 sec-onds) in comparison with manual adjustments that might require several minutes. The created ontology is suited to environ-ments of semantic interaction of smart objects, where its role is adapting services automatically, according to user context.
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