Transdisciplinary approach to archaeological investigations in a Semantic Web perspective

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Vincenzo Lombardo
Tugce Karatas
Monica Gulmini
Laura Guidorzi
Debora Angelici

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Special Issue Cultural Heritage 2021

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Full Paper
In recent years, the transdisciplinarity of archaeological studies has greatly increased because of the mature interactions between archaeologists and scientists from different disciplines (called ``archaeometers''), where a number of diverse scientific disciplines collaborate to get an objective account of the archaeologic records. A large amount of digital data support the whole process, and there is a high value of keeping the coherence of information and knowledge, as contributed by each intervening discipline. During the years a number of representation models have been developed to account for the recording of the archaeological process in data bases and lately, some semantic model, compliant with the CRMarchaeo reference model, has been developed to account for linking the institutional forms with the formal knowledge concerning the archaeological excavations and the related findings. On the contrary, the archaeometric processes have not been addressed yet in the Semantic Web community and only an upper reference model, called CRMsci, accounts for the representation of the scientific investigations in general. This paper presents a modular computational ontology for the interlinked representation of all the facts related to archaeological and archaeometric analyses and interpretations. The computational ontology is compliant with CIDOC-CRM reference models CRMarchaeo and CRMsci and introduces a number of novel properties and classes to link the two world in a joint representation. The ontology is in use in the BeArchaeo, which is a methodological project for the establishing of a transdisciplinary approach to archaeology and archaeometric disciplines, interlinked through a semantic model of processes and objects.
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