Survey of Tools for Linked Data Consumption

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Jakub Klimek
Petr Skoda
Martin Necasky

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Ruben Verborgh

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Survey Article
There is lots of data published as Linked (Open) Data (LOD/LD). At the same time, there is also a multitude of tools for publication of LD. However, potential LD consumers still have difficulty discovering, accessing and exploiting LD. This is because compared to consumption of traditional data formats such as XML and CSV files, there is a distinct lack of tools for consumption of LD. The promoters of LD use the well-known 5-star Open Data deployment scheme to suggest that consumption of LD is a better experience once the consumer knows RDF and related technologies. This suggestion, however, falls short when the consumers search for an appropriate tooling support for LD consumption. In this paper we define a LD consumption process. Based on this process and current literature, we define a set of 34 requirements a hypothetical Linked Data Consumption Platform (LDCP) should ideally fulfill. We cover those requirements with a set of 94 evaluation criteria. We survey 110 tools identified as potential candidates for an LDCP, eliminating them in 3 rounds until 16 candidates for remain. We evaluate the 16 candidates using our 94 criteria. Based on this evaluation we show which parts of the LD consumption process are covered by the 16 candidates. Finally, we identify 8 tools which satisfy our requirements on being a LDCP. We also show that there are important LD consumption steps which are not sufficiently covered by existing tools. The authors of LDCP implementations may use our paper to decide about directions of future development of their tools. The paper can also be used as an introductory text to LD consumption.
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