Survey of Model and Architectures for a Restricted and Local Mobile Access to the Web of Data

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Mahamadou Toure
Kaladzavi Guidedi
Fabien Gandon

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Ruben Verborgh

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Survey Article
Mobile Access to the Web of Data is currently a real challenge in developing countries, mainly characterized by limited Internet connectivity and high penetration of mobile devices with the limited resources (cache, memory, etc.). In this paper, we survey and compare proposed solutions (models, architectures, etc.) that could contribute to solve this problem of mobile access to the Web of Data with intermittent Internet access. These solutions are discussed in relation to the underlying network architectures and data models considered. We present a conceptual study of peer-to-peer solutions based on gossip protocols dedicated to design the connected overlay networks. In addition, we provide a detailed analysis of data replication systems generally designed to ensure the local availability of data on the system. We conclude with some recommendations to achieve a connected architecture that provides mobile contributors with local access to the Web of data.
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