Survey on complex ontology matching

Tracking #: 2045-3258

This paper is currently under review
Elodie Thieblin
Ollivier Haemmerlé
Nathalie Hernandez
Cassia Trojahn dos Santos

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Marta Sabou

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Survey Article
Simple ontology alignments, largely studied in the literature, link a single entity of a source ontology to a single entity of a target ontology. One of the limitations of these alignments is, however, their lack of expressiveness which can be overcome by complex alignments. While diverse state-of-the-art surveys mainly review the matching approaches in general, to the best of our knowledge, there is no study about the specificities of the complex matching problem. In this paper, an overview of the different complex matching approaches is provided. It proposes a classification of the complex matching approaches based on their specificities (i.e., type of correspondences, guiding structure). The evaluation aspects and the limitations of these approaches are also discussed. Insights for future work in the field are provided.
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