Supporting heterogeneity in IoT gateway using Light-weight Semantic Web

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Hafizur Rahman
Dr. Md. Iftekhar Hussain

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Armin Haller

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Internet of Things (IoT) application depends on heterogeneous devices, sensors, protocols and technologies. This heterogeneity affects raw data generated by such devices. Due to data heterogeneity, achieving interoperability among different IoT devices and applications is very challenging. To interpret such raw sensor data into knowledgeable information and identify real-life events in this world, semantic web technology is highly adopted. Semantic web collects data from different sources, processes them and publishes through the web. Again, collecting data from heterogeneous environments for IoT application is highly demanding. It suffers from a significant amount of processing time and memory consumption for large-scale IoT. To address these challenges, we proposed a light-weight and heterogeneity support semantic web (Het-SW) in the IoT gateway. Our proposed scheme supports heterogeneous devices/data and provides a scalable solution for a large number of IoT devices by implementing sensor virtualization technique. Simulation results show that Het-SW outperforms XGSN and L-SW in terms of data heterogeneity, scalability, reliability and response time. Even after giving support of heterogeneous data to Het-SW, the operating cost is satisfactory for resource constraint IoT gateway.
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