A Stream Reasoning System for Maritime Monitoring

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Georgios M. Santipantakis
Akrivi Vlachou
Christos Doulkeridis
Alexander Artikis
Ioannis Kontopoulos
George Vouros

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Guest Editors Stream Reasoning 2017

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Application Report
We present a stream reasoning system for monitoring vessel activity in large geographical areas. The system ingests a compressed vessel position stream, and performs, in real-time, spatio-temporal link discovery to calculate proximity relations between vessels and topological relations between vessel and static areas. Capitalizing on the discovered relations, a complex activity recognition engine, based on the Event Calculus, performs continuous pattern matching to detect various types of dangerous, suspicious and potentially illegal vessel activity. We evaluate the performance of the system by means of real datasets including kinematic messages from vessels, and demonstrate the effects of the highly efficient spatio-temporal link discovery on performance.
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