A Shape Expression approach for assessing the quality of Linked Open Data in digital libraries

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Gustavo Candela
Pilar Escobar1
María Dolores Sáez
Manuel Marco

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Special Issue Cultural Heritage 2021

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Full Paper
Cultural heritage institutions are exploring Semantic Web technologies to publish and enrich their catalogs. Several initiatives such as Labs are based on the reuse of the materials published by cultural heritage institutions in innovative and creative ways. In this sense, quality has become a crucial aspect when identifying and reusing a dataset for research. In this article, we propose a methodology to create Shape Expressions definitions to validate LOD datasets published by digital libraries. This methodology is then applied to two use cases based on datasets published by relevant GLAM institutions. It intends to encourage institutions to use ShEx to validate LOD datasets as well as to promote the reuse of LOD made openly available by digital libraries.
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