The Semantic Web: Two Decades On

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Aidan Hogan

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More than two decades have passed since the establishment of the initial cornerstones of the Semantic Web. Since its inception, opinions have remained divided regarding the past, present and potential future impact of the Semantic Web. In this paper -- and in light of the results of over two decades of development, not only on the Semantic Web, but also related technologies -- we reflect on the current status of the Semantic Web: its successes, its failures, its challenges, its opportunities and its potential impact on the future Web. We being by playing devil's advocate to the original vision of the Semantic Web, reviewing some of the external criticism of this vision that has been put forward by various authors; we draw together the individual critiques, arguing both for and against each point based on the current state of adoption. We then present the results of a questionnaire that we have posed to the Semantic Web community in order to understand its perspective(s) regarding the degree to which the original Semantic Web vision has been realised, the impact it can potentially have on the Web (and other settings), its success stories thus far, as well as the degree to which the community agrees with the aforementioned critiques of the Semantic Web in terms of both its current state and future feasibility. We conclude by reflecting on both the successes and failures of the Semantic Web initiative thus far, we well as future challenges and opportunities.
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