The sameAs Problem: A Survey on Identity Management in the Web of Data

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Joe Raad
Nathalie Pernelle
Fatiha Sais
Wouter Beek
Frank van Harmelen

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Harald Sack

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Survey Article
In a decentralized global knowledge space such as the Web of Data, the owl:sameAs predicate is an essential ingredient. It allows parties to independently mint names, while at the same time ensuring that these parties are able to connect and complete each other's data. Since the manual creation of these links is expensive at large-scale contexts such as the Web of Data, identity links are often created automatically, with a chance of error. With several works already proven that identity in the Web of Data is broken, we investigate in this survey the approaches tackling this "sameAs problem'', with a focus on (i) conducted studies and analyses of the identity use in the Web of Data, (ii) approaches proposing alternatives for owl:sameAs, (iii) approaches proposing identity management services, and (iv) ones focusing on detecting erroneous identity statements.
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