RomanOpenData: An Application of Semantic Technologies to Roman Amphora Epigraphy

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Xavi Giménez
Alessandro Mosca
Jordi Pérez
José Remesal
Guillem Rull

Responsible editor: 
Eero Hyvonen

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Tool/System Report
The portal is the culmination of the knowledge representation efforts conducted during the "EPNet: Production and distribution of food during the Roman Empire" project. The aim of the portal is to allow access to the project's epigraphic data on Roman amphorae to both the project members and the community in a standard and interoperable way. To this end, it provides two main interfaces. The core interface is a virtual knowledge graph, which is presented in RDF, conforms to an ontology, and is queryable through a SPARQL endpoint. The second interface is a visual query system, built on top of the SPARQL endpoint, that allows non-technical users to explore the data without having to worry about writing queries.
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