The RESCS Ontology: linking Open Research Data from multiple sources to support interdisciplinary investigations

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Kurt Baumann
Andrea Bertino
Laura Rettig
Sebastian Sigloch
Daniela Subotic
Ivan Subotic

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Stefan Schlobach

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Ontology Description
The availability of open repositories and the application of Semantic Web techniques are paving the way towards new usage scenarios for research data. This paper describes the ontology developed within the first phase of the Connectome project. The goal of the Connectome project is to make data from different providers interoperable and thus improve its use through both generic and discipline-specific services. On the basis of the RESCS (RESearch CommonS) ontology defined through an intensive exchange with various researchers, data providers and funders, we give a detailed description of the ontology. The paper concludes with a brief outlook on possible tools and applications which could take advantage of the Connectome knowledge graph in the future.
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