An RDF/OWL2 model to represent complex, annotated and temporally limited relations between concepts in a cultural heritage context

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Marielle St-Germain
Ludovic Font1
Alexandre Naud
Michel Gagnon

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Special Issue Cultural Heritage 2019

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Full Paper
When representing cultural knowledge, the limitations of usual RDF models quickly arise. Indeed, metadata must often be added to triples, in order to convey provenance and temporal information, among others. Furthermore, real-world knowledge is often complex and requires additional information, such as the representation of a choice between different possibilities. Several individual solutions exist, such as the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model for cultural heritage in general, the Wikidata model for the inclusion of metadata on triples, and the OWL-Time ontology for a fine representation of temporal relations. By combining them, we created a model that allows the representation of some of the most complex aspects of cultural knowledge, i.e. that makes it possible to add provenance, bibliographic and temporal information not only to any concept, but also to the relations between objects. Even though the actual scope of the project is limited to objects and materials that composed them, we are convinced that the resulting model could be useful to represent any aspect of cultural knowledge in general.
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