RDFAdaptor: A set of ETL plugins for RDF data processing

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Jiao Li
Guojian Xian
Ruixue Zhao
Yongwen Huang
Yuantao Kou
Tingting Luo
Tan Sun

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Aidan Hogan

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Full Paper
The interdisciplinary nature and rapid development of the Semantic Web led to the mass publication of RDF data in a large number of widely accepted serialization formats, thus developing out the necessity for RDF data processing with specific purposes. So far, several solutions with relevant functional modules have been introduced. But still many requests are difficult to accomplish with minimal overhead due to the limitations of current tools or services, e.g, low integration, high use complexity, poor scalability. In this paper, the RDFAdaptor is proposed as a comprehensive RDF ETL framework for data integration and federation over multi-source heterogeneous repositories or endpoints in a rapid building and cost saving way. The RDFAdaptor can provide user interface and configuration templates which enable its usability in various applications of RDF data generation, multi-format data conversion, remote RDF data migration, and RDF graph update in semantic query process, since it comprises of a set of portable plugins. The paper discusses how the plugin set framework designed on open-source ETL tool and SPARQL 1.1 enables its access to data of different types and formats as well as manage linked data in hybrid storage mode. We demonstrate the features of the plugin set by presenting two use cases or experiments and share the lesson learnt from the practical experience.
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