RDF Device Description Generator (RDDG)

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Mieczyslaw Kokar
Yanji Chen
Jakub J. Moskal

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Pascal Hitzler

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Full Paper
This paper describes a program for generating RDF instance data based on a given OWL ontology. We needed this kind of capability for the purpose of comparing the use of OWL vs. XML based descriptions within scenarios in which capabilities of radios are matched against application needs. Most of the existing solutions for RDF dataset generation are not generic, i.e. they are locked-in to specific class models or ontologies. Existing generic solutions do not support sufficiently (or totally ignore) the OWL semantics, or rely on large numbers of real-world data. Our experimental results show that RDDG performs reasonably well with generating large numbers of descriptions, which are consistent with and have a good space coverage (variety) over the input ontology. It is expected that the method will be applicable to other application scenarios other than radio communication domain.
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