The proDataMarket Ontology: Enabling Semantic Interoperability of Real Property Data

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Shi Ling
Nikolay Nikolov
Dina Sukhobok1
Tatiana Tarasova
Dumitru Roman

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Werner Kuhn

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Ontology Description
Real property data (often referred to as real estate, realty, or immovable property data) represent a valuable asset that has the potential to enable innovative services when integrated with related contextual data (e.g., business data). Such services can range from providing evaluation of real estate to reporting on up-to-date information about state-owned properties. Real property data integration is a difficult task primarily due to the heterogeneity and complexity of the real property data, and the lack of generally agreed upon semantic descriptions of the concepts in this domain. In this paper we introduce the proDataMarket ontology – a key enabler for integration of real property data. The paper provides an overview of the proDataMarket ontology development process, including details on the requirements extracted from a set of relevant business cases, explanations of core concepts and relationships, and the realization of the ontology in RDFS/OWL. To date, the ontology has been used to integrate and publish more than 30 datasets as Linked Open Data from the business cases from which requirements were extracted.
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