The POSTDATA Network of Ontologies for European Poetry

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Salvador Ros
Maria Luisa Diez Platas
Elena González-Blanco
Oscar Corcho
Helena Bermúdez
Javier de la Rosa
Alvaro Pérez

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Special Issue Cultural Heritage 2019

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Ontology Description
A relevant line of work in Digital Humanities is related to standardization processes to describe traditional concepts using computer-readable languages. In regard to Literary studies, poetry is a particularly complex domain due to, among other aspects, its special use of language. This paper presents a network of ontologies for capturing domain knowledge about poetry, including the poetic work itself, as well as its structural and prosodic components. The network also includes an ontology about dates, focusing on the special representational needs of literary works. This work is one of the results of the POSTDATA (Poetry Standardization and Linked Open Data) European Research Council project, which aims to provide a means for researchers on European poetry to publish and consume semantically-enriched data.
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