A More Decentralized Vision for Linked Data

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Axel Polleres
Maulik Rajendra Kamdar
Javier D. Fernandez
Tania Tudorache
Mark A. Musen

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Guest Editor 10-years SWJ

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In this deliberately provocative position paper, we claim that more than ten years into Linked Data there are still (too?) many unresolved challenges towards arriving at a truly machine-readable \emph{and} decentralized Web of data. We take a deeper look at key challenges in usage and adoption of Linked Data from the ever-present ``LOD cloud'' diagram. Herein, we try to highlight and exemplify both key technical and non-technical challenges to the success of LOD, and we outline potential solution strategies. We hope that this paper will serve as a discussion basis for a fresh start towards more actionable, truly decentralized Linked Data, and as a call to the community to join forces.
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