Modelling Knowledge for Independent Performing Arts: a Semantic Wiki in Intangible Cultural Heritage Case Study

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Diego Torres
Leandro Antonelli
Jonathan Martin
Alejandro Fernandez
Mario Lezoche
Mariana del Mármol

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Special Issue Cultural Heritage 2019

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Full Paper
Performing arts as Dance, Theater, and Music are considered by UNESCO as part of the intangible cultural heritage. There is a branch called independent performing arts that refers to performing arts outside of the commercial and official circuit. Independent performing arts are characterized by being produced with reduced infrastructure and economic resources. This situation foster the "creative freedom" that give origin to tremendous artistic diversity and multiplicity of performers and plays. This article tackles the challenge of studying and recording the independent performing arts in the city of La Plata in Argentina. This study focuses on a semantic infrastructure to collect and describe theater, dance, and performances in the independent circuit. This work introduces a collaborative platform called Nodos that stimulates collective knowledge building and sharing. The platform uses semantic web technologies to capture the domain enabling computer-based processing. Thus, it makes it possible to derive new information through the inference procedures.
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