Me4MAP V1.0: A method for the development of metadata application profiles

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Mariana Curado Malta
Ana Alice Baptista

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Eero Hyvonen

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This article presents Me4MAP V1.0, the first version of a method for the development of Metadata Application Profiles (MAP). A MAP is a construct of the semantic web (SW) that enhances interoperability. It is a data model that provides reference information about the global context of both the related data and its constraints. The development of Me4MAP was based on a Design Science Research methodological approach and has as starting points the Singapore Framework for Dublin Core Application Profiles and the Rational Unified Process. Me4MAP integrates knowledge from: (i) the practices of the metadata community concerning MAP development, and (ii) software development processes and techniques, focusing on the early stages of the processes that deal with data modeling. Me4MAP establishes a well defined process for the development of a MAP through definition of activities, when those activities should take place, how they interconnect, and their resulting deliverables. Me4MAP also suggests techniques to be used in building the deliverables. By making Me4MAP available to the SW community, we hope to contribute to the enhancement of MAP development.
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