Mapping Process for the Task: Wikidata Statements to Text as Wikipedia Sentences

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Thang Ta Hoang
Alexander Gelbukh
Grigori Sidorov

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Aidan Hogan

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Acknowledged as one of the most successful online cooperative projects in human society, Wikipedia has obtained rapid growth in recent years, desires continuously to expand content, and disseminate knowledge values for everyone globally. The shortage of volunteers brings to Wikipedia many issues, including developing content for over 300 languages at the present. Therefore, the benefit that machines can automatically generate content to reduce human efforts on Wikipedia language projects could be considerable. In this paper, we propose our mapping process for the task of converting Wikidata statements to natural language text (WS2T) for Wikipedia projects at the sentence level. The main step is to organize statements, represented as a group of quadruples and triples, and then to map them to corresponding sentences in English Wikipedia. We evaluate the output corpus in various aspects: sentence structure analyzing, noise filtering, and relation-ships between sentence components based on word embeddings models. The results are helpful not only for the data-to-text generation task but also for other relevant works in the field.
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