How much Knowledge is in Knowledge Graphs? - A Knowledge Management Perspective

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Rositsa V Ivanova
Clemens Kerschbaum
Sebastian Neumaier
Alexander Kaiser
Axel Polleres

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Pascal Hitzler

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Managing and preserving knowledge in the best possible way has always been a key to the success for organisations, long before the term "Knowledge Graph" has entered the stage. However, the understanding of what exactly knowledge is, how it is represented and organised, and how knowledge is created often varies between different research communities. To this day, the scientific discipline of Knowledge Management is trying to capture the process of knowledge creation as converting implicit, i.e., tacit, knowledge into explicit knowledge. In this paper, we first give an idea of this Knowledge Management perspective on knowledge creation, and then discuss how Knowledge Graphs actually can contribute to solve the issue of making implicit knowledge explicit. We empirically survey the use of Knowledge Graphs in enterprise environments and – picking three concrete examples – discuss concrete use cases from a Knowledge Management viewpoint.
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