GeoSPARQL-Jena: Implementation and Benchmarking of a GeoSPARQL Graphstore

Tracking #: 2108-3321

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Greg Albiston
Taha Osman
Haozhe Chen

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Ruben Verborgh

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Tool/System Report
This work presents a RDF graphstore implementation for all six modules of the GeoSPARQL standard using the Apache Jena Semantic Web library. Previous implementations have provided only partial coverage of the GeoSPARQL standard. There is discussion of the design and development of on-demand indexes to improve query performance without incurring lengthy data preparation delays. A supporting benchmarking framework is also discussed for the evaluation of any SPARQL compliant queries with interfaces provided for integrating additional test systems. This benchmarking framework is utilised to examine the performance of the implementation against two existing GeoSPARQL systems using the Geographica benchmark. It is found that the implementation achieves comparable or faster query responses than the alternative systems while also providing much faster dataset loading and initialisation durations.
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