A Framework for Web Based Language Independent Semantic Question Answering System

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Vaibhav Agarwal
Parteek Kumar

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Thomas Lukasiewicz

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Question answering systems (QAS) attempt to let you ask your question the way you'd normally ask in natural language. After doing an exhaustive survey on the existing QAS it was observed that there is no system which has all the features viz. online availability, multilinguism support, ability to extend the support to other languages without changing architecture/code base, ability to integrate other ML/NLP applications, availability of source code, and whose working of all com-ponents is known. This paper presents a framework and the live application developed (as a proof of concept) on top of this framework which supports all these features. After testing the proposed system on two standard corpora, the ‘Conciseness’, ‘Relevance’, ‘Correctness’, ‘Precision’, ‘Recall’, and ‘F-Measure’ of the developed system came out to be 89.5%, 86.4%, 100%, 86.4%, 100%, and 92.7% respectively.
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