Enhancing the Microsoft Academic Knowledge Graph via Author Name Disambiguation, Publication Classification, and Embeddings

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Michael Färber
Lin Ao

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Elena Demidova

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Although several large knowledge graphs have been proposed in the scholarly field, such graphs are limited with respect to several data quality dimensions such as accuracy and coverage. In this article, we present methods for enhancing the Microsoft Academic Knowledge Graph (MAKG), a recently published large-scale knowledge graph containing metadata about scientific publications and associated authors, venues, and affiliations. Based on a qualitative analysis of the MAKG, we address three aspects. First, we adopt and evaluate unsupervised approaches for large-scale author name disambiguation. Second, we develop and evaluate methods for tagging publications by their discipline and by keywords, facilitating enhanced search and recommendation of publications and associated entities. Third, we compute and evaluate embeddings for all 254 million authors, 210 million papers, 49,000 journals, and 16,000 conference entities in the MAKG based on several state-of-the-art embedding techniques. Finally, we provide statistics for the updated MAKG. Our final MAKG is publicly available at https://makg.org and can be used for the search or recommendation of scholarly entities, as well as enhanced scientific impact quantification.
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