Creating dashboards and data stories within the Data & Analytics Framework (DAF)

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Michele Petito
Francesca Fallucchi
De Luca Ernesto William

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Marta Sabou

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Application Report
In recent years, many data visualization tools have appeared on the market that can potentially guarantee citizens and users of the Public Administration (PA) the ability to create dashboards and data stories with just a few clicks, using open and unopened data from the PA. The Data Analytics Framework (DAF), a project of the Italian government launched at the end of 2017 and currently being tested, integrates data based on the semantic web, data analysis tools and open source business intelligence products that promise to solve the problems that prevented the PA to exploit its enormous data potential. The DAF favors the spread of linked open data (LOD) thanks to the integration of OntoPiA, a network of controlled ontologies and vocabularies that allows us to describe the concepts we find in datasets, such as "sex", "organization", "people", "addresses", "points of interest", "events" etc. This paper contributes to the enhance-ment of the project by introducing the process of creating a dashboard in the DAF in 5 steps, starting from the dataset search on the data portal, to the creation phase of the real dashboard through Superset and the related data story. The case study created by the author, concerns tourism of Sardinia (a region of Italy). This case study is one of the few demonstra-tions of use on a real case of DAF and highlights the ability of the DAF to transform the analysis of a large amount of data into simple visual representations with clear and effective language.
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