Continuous Multi-Query Optimization for Subgraph Matching over Dynamic Graphs

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Xi Wang
Qianzhen Zhang
Deke Guo
Xiang Zhao

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Guest Editors Web of Data 2020

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Full Paper
There is a growing need to perform real-time analytics on dynamic graphs in order to deliver the values of big data to users. An important problem from such applications is continuously identifying and monitoring critical patterns when fine-grained updates at a high velocity occur on the graphs. A lot of efforts have been made to develop practical solutions for these problems. Despite the efforts, existing algorithms showed limited running time and scalability in dealing with large and/or many graphs. In this paper, we study the problem of continuous multi-query optimization for subgraph matching over dynamic graph data. (1) We propose annotated query graph, which is obtained by merging the multi-queries into one. (2) Based on the annotated query, we employ a concise auxiliary data structure to represent partial solutions in a compact form. (3) In addition, we propose an efficient maintenance strategy to detect the affected queries for each update and report corresponding matches in one pass. (4) Extensive experiments over real-life and synthetic datasets verify the effectiveness and efficiency of our approach and confirm a two orders of magnitude improvement of the proposed solution.
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