A comparison of object-triple mapping libraries

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Martin Ledvinka
Petr Křemen

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Philippe Cudre-Mauroux

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Survey Article
Domain-independent information systems like ontology editors provide only limited usability for non-experts when domain-specific linked data need to be created. On the contrary, domain-specific applications require adequate architecture for data authoring and validation, typically using the object-oriented paradigm. So far, several software libraries mapping the RDF model (representing linked data) to the object model have been introduced in the literature. In this paper, we develop a novel framework for comparison of object-triple mapping solutions in terms of features and performance. For feature comparison, we designed a set of qualitative criteria reflecting object-oriented application developer's needs. For the performance comparison, we introduce a benchmark based on a real-world information system that we implemented using one of the compared object-triple mapping (OTM) solutions -- JOPA. We present a detailed evaluation of a selected set of OTM libraries, showing how they differ in terms of features. We further narrow down the set of selected OTM libraries to contain only RDF4J-compatible ones and use the benchmark to measure their time and memory efficiency.
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