Cloud Service Description Ontology: Construction, Evaluation and Interrogation

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Khouloud Boukadi
Molka Rekik
Hanêne Ben-Abdallah
Walid Gaaloul

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Freddy Lecue

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Full Paper
Cloud federation systems have recently emerged as a scalable delivery model that interconnects services from two or more cloud providers for load balancing and accommodating spikes in demand. One challenge in this delivery model is the complexity of service selection due to the heterogeneity of cloud service descriptions among cloud federations. To overcome this complexity, it is crucial to uniform cloud service descriptions. Towards this end, we propose a Cloud Service description Ontology (CSO) that will be modeled based on concepts from cloud standards. The proposed CSO covers functional and non-functional capabilities of infrastructure, platform and software services' providers. To populate CSO, we defined a set of semantic mapping rules to collect instances from cloud providers' web pages. In addition, to ensure the high quality of CSO, we propose an evaluation approach that detects and corrects consistency, redundancy and incompleteness errors. Furthermore, to show the correctness and inference ability of CSO, we present an experimental evaluation that measures the precision and recall ratios of querying CSO.
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