BimSPARQL: A case of extending SPARQL functions for querying linked building data

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Chi Zhang
Jakob Beetz

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Guest Editors ST Built Environment 2017

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Full Paper
In this paper, we propose to extend SPARQL functions for querying building data. Building models represented by the Industry Foundation Classes data model are the target data sources to develop extended functions. By extending these functions, we attempt to 1) simplify writing queries according to requirement checking use cases, and 2) retrieve useful information implied in 3D geometry data with an open and extensible approach. Extended functions are modelled as RDF vocabularies and classified into groups for further extensions. We combine declarative rules used in the Semantic Web field with procedural programming to implement extended functions. Compared with query techniques developed in the conventional Building Information Modeling domain, we show the added value of such approach by providing an example of querying building and regulatory data, where spatial and logic reasoning can be applied and data from multiple sources are required. It demonstrates an approach that can be extended and applied for many other use cases. Based on the development, we discuss the applicability of proposed approach, current issues and future challenges.
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