Automatic evaluation of complex alignments:an instance-based approach

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Elodie Thieblin
Ollivier Haemmerlé
Cassia Trojahn dos Santos

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Jens Lehmann

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Full Paper
Ontology matching is the task of generating a set of correspondences (i.e., an alignment) between the entities of different ontologies. While most efforts on alignment evaluation have been dedicated to the evaluation of simple alignments (i.e., those linking one single entity of a source ontology to one single entity of a target ontology), the emergence of matchers providing complex alignments (i.e., those composed of correspondences involving logical constructors or transformation functions) requires new strategies for addressing the problem of automatically evaluating complex alignments. This paper proposes i) a benchmark for complex alignment evaluation composed of an automatic evaluation system that relies on queries and instances, and ii) a dataset about conference organisation. This dataset is composed of populated ontologies and a set of competency questions for alignment as SPARQL queries. State-of-the-art alignments are evaluated and a discussion on the difficulties of the evaluation task is provided
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