Special Call for Tools and Systems Papers

special call for papers on


The "Semantic Web" journal invites submissions of papers describing mature Semantic Web related tools and systems. These reports should be brief and pointed, indicating clearly the capabilities of the described tool or system. It is strongly encouraged, that the described tools or systems are free, open, and accessible on the Web. If this is not possible, then they have to be made available to the reviewers. For commercial tools and systems, exceptions can be arranged through the editors.

Submissions will be reviewed along the following dimensions: (1) Quality, importance, and impact of the described tool or system (convincing evidence must be provided). (2) Clarity, illustration, and readability of the describing paper, which shall convey to the reader both the capabilities and the limitations of the tool.

Some of the most visible papers in the Semantic Web journal are tools and systems papers. For a list of previously accepted such papers, please see http://www.semantic-web-journal.net/tools_and_systems. Tools and Systems papers are typically 8-10 pages long, but longer papers can also be submitted if there is significant additional content.

Submission Deadline: 31st of January, 2015.

Please take note of the submission information and guidelines. When entering your manuscript into the review system, please state "Tools and Systems" in the cover letter. Please also note the journal's open review process.


For any questions, please contact the editors-in-chief

Pascal Hitzler, Wright State University
Krzysztof Janowicz, University of California, Santa Barbara

via contact @ semantic-web-journal . net