Accepted Papers

Title Decision/Status Viewssort descending Updated
LinkedSpending: OpenSpending becomes Linked Open Data Accept 6,680 15/Mar/2017
CEDAR: The Dutch Historical Censuses as Linked Open Data Accept 6,701 15/Mar/2017
Special Issue on the Semantic Web for the Legal Domain Guest Editors’ Editorial: The Next Step Accept 6,711 05/Mar/2016
SeMFIS: A Flexible Engineering Platform for Semantic Annotations of Conceptual Models Accept 6,760 08/Apr/2018
GERBIL – Benchmarking Named Entity Recognition and Linking Consistently Accept 6,774 13/Nov/2017
Multilingual Linked Data Accept 6,803 20/Mar/2015
A Fine-Grained Evaluation of SPARQL Endpoint Federation Systems Accept 6,814 15/Mar/2017
An Egocentric Semantic Reference System for Affordances Accept 6,895 30/Jun/2013
Ontology for observations and sampling features, with alignments to existing models Accept 6,904 08/Apr/2018
Visualizing Statistical Linked Knowledge for Decision Support Accept 6,909 15/Mar/2017
Crowd-based Ontology Engineering with the uComp Protege Plugin Accept 6,926 13/Jul/2017
Map-On: A web-based editor for visual ontology mapping Accept 6,930 08/Apr/2018
Resource-Constrained Reasoning Using a Reasoner Composition Approach Accept 6,947 20/Apr/2016
Taking flight with OWL2 Accept 6,955 05/Aug/2011
The YASGUI Family of SPARQL Clients Accept 6,987 08/Apr/2018
The New Manuscript Review System for the Semantic Web Journal Accept 7,000 07/Jan/2013
Inferring Recommendation Interactions in Clinical Guidelines Accept 7,039 15/Mar/2017
Publishing and Interlinking the Global Health Observatory Dataset. Accept 7,060 14/Oct/2014
lemonUby - a large, interlinked, syntactically-rich lexical resource for ontologies Accept 7,066 20/Apr/2016
Linked European Television Heritage Accept 7,070 15/Feb/2013
The Rijksmuseum Collection as Linked Data Accept 7,094 08/Jul/2018
An OWL ontology library representing judicial interpretations Accept 7,094 15/Mar/2017
Special issue on Linked Data for Health Care and the Life Sciences Accept 7,161 23/Apr/2013
Facilitating Scientometrics in Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining - the LAK Dataset Accept 7,185 08/Apr/2018
Sound, Complete and Minimal UCQ-Rewriting for Existential Rules Accept 7,217 20/Apr/2016
Migration of a library catalogue into RDA linked open data Accept 7,235 15/Mar/2017
Publishing DisGeNET as Nanopublications Accept 7,289 15/Mar/2017
LOTED2: An Ontology of European Public Procurement Notices Accept 7,311 15/Mar/2017
Semantic Web Surveys and Applications Accept 7,341 05/Aug/2011
OntoPedigree: Modelling Pedigrees for traceability in supply chains Accept 7,371 15/Mar/2017