Accepted Papers

Title Decision/Status Views Updatedsort descending
Distantly Supervised Web Relation Extraction for Knowledge Base Population Accept 9,054 15/Mar/2017
Overview of the MPEG-21 Media Contract Ontology Accept 6,296 15/Mar/2017
PPROC, an Ontology for Transparency in Public Procurement Accept 9,889 15/Mar/2017
LOTED2: An Ontology of European Public Procurement Notices Accept 8,780 15/Mar/2017
Semantic Model for Legal Resources: Annotation and Reasoning over Normative Provisions Accept 7,675 15/Mar/2017
An OWL ontology library representing judicial interpretations Accept 8,165 15/Mar/2017
Time Ontology Extended for Non-Gregorian Calendar Applications Accept 10,069 15/Mar/2017
EventMedia: a LOD Dataset of Events Illustrated with Media Accept 9,549 15/Mar/2017
The Open University Linked Data - Accept 9,595 15/Mar/2017
The Document Components Ontology (DoCO) Accept 7,863 15/Mar/2017
Scalable Long-term Preservation of Relational Data through SPARQL queries Accept 8,435 15/Mar/2017
LinkedSpending: OpenSpending becomes Linked Open Data Accept 8,077 15/Mar/2017
Quality Assessment for Linked Data: A Survey Accept 20,991 15/Mar/2017
Query Answering over Contextualized RDF/OWL Knowledge with Forall-Existential Bridge Rules: Decidable Finite Extension Classes Accept 7,107 15/Mar/2017
SISSVoc: A Linked Data API for access to SKOS vocabularies Accept 9,417 15/Mar/2017
Linked Web APIs Dataset: Web APIs meet Linked Data Accept 7,178 15/Mar/2017
A Linked Data Wrapper for CrunchBase Accept 8,616 15/Mar/2017
Wikidata through the Eyes of DBpedia Accept 9,880 15/Mar/2017
Migration of a library catalogue into RDA linked open data Accept 8,952 15/Mar/2017
Robust Named Entity Disambiguation with Random Walks Accept 5,931 15/Mar/2017
Survey on Ontologies for Affective States and Their Influences Accept 6,821 15/Mar/2017
N-ary Relation Extraction for Simultaneous T-Box and A-Box Knowledge Base Augmentation Accept 5,488 15/Mar/2017
DataGraft: One-Stop-Shop for Open Data Management Accept 7,317 15/Mar/2017
Discovery of Emerging Design Patterns in Ontologies Using Tree Mining Accept 5,739 25/Apr/2017
A Foundation for Spatial Data Warehouses on the Semantic Web Accept 5,613 25/Apr/2017
From hyperlinks to Semantic Web properties using Open Knowledge Extraction Accept 7,718 13/Jul/2017
DWRank: Learning Concept Ranking for Ontology Search Accept 9,195 13/Jul/2017
Crowd-based Ontology Engineering with the uComp Protege Plugin Accept 8,079 13/Jul/2017
A Systematic Survey of Point Set Distance Measures for Link Discovery Accept 7,141 30/Oct/2017
GERBIL – Benchmarking Named Entity Recognition and Linking Consistently Accept 9,108 13/Nov/2017