Accepted Papers

Title Decision/Status Viewssort descending Updated
Neural Language Models for the Multilingual, Transcultural, and Multimodal Semantic Web Accept 1,539 16/Dec/2019
The Semantic Web: Two Decades On Accept 1,566 19/Dec/2019
BOT: the Building Topology Ontology of the W3C Linked Building Data Group Accept 1,572 29/Apr/2020
Findable and Reusable Workflow DataProducts: A Genomic Workflow Case Study Accept 1,583 13/Apr/2020
Data-driven Assessment of Structural Evolution of RDF Graphs Accept 1,593 02/Apr/2020
Ontological challenges to Cohabitation with Self-taught Robots Accept 1,617 16/Dec/2019
Knowledge Graphs: Construction, Querying and Management Accept 1,687 07/Oct/2019
Neural-Symbolic Integration and the Semantic Web Accept 1,687 27/Sep/2019
FarsBase: The Persian Knowledge Graph Accept 1,724 07/Oct/2019
On The Role of Knowledge Graphs in Explainable AI Accept 1,849 16/Dec/2019
Continuous Top-k Approximated Join of Streaming and Evolving Distributed Data Accept 1,861 25/Sep/2019
Ontology Engineering: Current State, Challenges, and Future Directions Accept 1,873 16/Dec/2019
A decade of Semantic Web research through the lenses of a mixed methods approach Accept 1,929 08/Apr/2020
A Note on Intelligent Exploration of Semantic Data Accept 1,935 25/Mar/2019
Leveraging Knowledge Graphs for Big Data Integration Accept 1,968 16/Dec/2019
Deep learning for noise-tolerant RDFS reasoning Accept 2,012 16/Aug/2019
VocBench 3: a Collaborative Semantic Web Editor for Ontologies, Thesauri and Lexicons Accept 2,026 08/Apr/2020
Semantic Referee: A Neural-Symbolic Framework for Enhancing Geospatial Semantic Segmentation Accept 2,059 16/Aug/2019
Special Issue on Stream Reasoning Accept 2,117 25/Mar/2019
The Semantic Web identity crisis: in search of the trivialities that never were Accept 2,158 16/Dec/2019
The 2nd U.S. Semantic Technologies Symposium (US2TS 2019) Accept 2,228 16/May/2019
Learning Expressive Linkage Rules from Sparse Data Accept 2,262 19/May/2019
Similarity-based Knowledge Graph Queries for Recommendation Retrieval Accept 2,264 11/May/2019
Survey on complex ontology matching Accept 2,271 25/Sep/2019
Empirical Methodology for Crowdsourcing Ground Truth Accept 2,300 20/May/2019
Special Issue on Semantic Deep Learning Accept 2,306 28/Aug/2019
A Systematic Survey of Temporal Requirements of Bio-Health Ontologies Accept 2,460 20/May/2019
Machine Learning for the Semantic Web: Lessons Learnt and Next Research Directions Accept 2,506 01/Apr/2020
Towards a New Generation of Ontology Based Data Access Accept 2,576 16/Dec/2019
Extracting Entity-specific Substructures for RDF Graph Embeddings Accept 2,593 20/May/2019