Accepted Papers

Title Decision/Status Views Updatedsort descending
Discovering alignment relations with Graph Convolutional Networks: a biomedical case study Accept 928 08/Nov/2021
Online approximative SPARQL query processing for COUNT-DISTINCT queries with Web Preemption Accept 784 09/Nov/2021
Semantic-enabled Architecture for Auditable Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis Accept 705 10/Nov/2021
Continuous Multi-Query Optimization for Subgraph Matching over Dynamic Graphs Accept 696 10/Nov/2021
Linked Open Images: Visual Similarity for the Semantic Web Accept 561 11/Nov/2021
LL(O)D and NLP Perspectives on Semantic Change for Humanities Research Accept 991 15/Nov/2021
Survey on English Entity Linking on Wikidata Accept 751 16/Nov/2021
Knowledge Graph Embedding for Data Mining vs. Knowledge Graph Embedding for Link Prediction - Two Sides of the same Coin? Accept 802 16/Nov/2021
Robust Query Processing for Linked Data Fragments Accept 485 17/Nov/2021
Diverse Data! Diverse Schemata? Accept 172 18/Nov/2021
Beyond Facts - a Survey and Conceptualisation of Claims in Online Discourse Analysis Accept 818 23/Nov/2021
Modular Ontology Modeling Accept 464 23/Nov/2021
Casual Learn: A Linked Data-Based Mobile Application for Learning about Local Cultural Heritage Accept 554 24/Nov/2021
Taxonomy Enrichment with Text and Graph Vector Representations Accept 141 24/Nov/2021
Question Answering with Deep Neural Networks for Semi-Structured Heterogeneous Genealogical Knowledge Graphs Accept 418 24/Nov/2021
Glottocodes: Identifiers Linking Families, Languages and Dialects to Comprehensive Reference Information Accept 833 25/Nov/2021
Semantics and Canonicalisation of SPARQL 1.1 Accept 547 29/Nov/2021
Analyzing the generalizability of the network-based topic emergence identification method Accept 146 29/Nov/2021
Bilingual dictionary generation and enrichment via graph exploration Accept 515 01/Dec/2021