Accepted Papers

Title Decision/Status Views Updatedsort ascending
Ontology for a Panoptes building: exploiting contextual information and a smart camera network Accept 4,091 01/Aug/2018
BimSPARQL: Domain-specific functional SPARQL extensions for querying RDF building data Accept 4,156 29/Jul/2018
Social Internet of Things for Domotics: a Knowledge-based Approach over LDP-CoAP Accept 4,170 26/Jul/2018
Semantic Prediction Assistant Approach applied to Energy Efficiency in Tertiary Buildings Accept 3,828 22/Jul/2018
DogOnt as a viable seed for semantic modeling of AEC/FM Accept 4,759 17/Jul/2018
RDF Dataset Profiling - a Survey of Features, Methods, Vocabularies and Applications Accept 6,929 09/Jul/2018
Distributed query processing in the presence of blank nodes Accept 6,676 08/Jul/2018
The Rijksmuseum Collection as Linked Data Accept 8,127 08/Jul/2018
ExConQuer: Lowering barriers to RDF and Linked Data re-use Accept 7,113 23/May/2018
The Publishing Workflow Ontology (PWO) Accept 6,724 23/May/2018
Reasoning with Data Flows and Policy Propagation Rules Accept 5,266 23/May/2018
Lessons Learnt from the Named Entity rEcognition and Linking (NEEL) Challenge Series Accept 5,182 23/May/2018
PrivOnto: a Semantic Framework for the Analysis of Privacy Policies Accept 5,664 23/May/2018
A Systematic Analysis of Term Reuse and Term Overlap across Biomedical Ontologies Accept 6,212 23/May/2018
OptiqueVQS: a Visual Query System over Ontologies for Industry Accept 6,363 23/May/2018
RODI: Benchmarking Relational-to-Ontology Mapping Generation Quality Accept 6,082 13/Apr/2018
Eye Tracking the User Experience - An Evaluation of Ontology Visualization Techniques Accept 7,211 13/Apr/2018
ServLog: A Unifying Logical Framework for Service Modeling and Contracting Accept 4,993 08/Apr/2018
The Apertium Bilingual Dictionaries on the Web of Data Accept 6,778 08/Apr/2018
An extended study of content and crowdsourcing-related performance factors in Named Entity Annotation Accept 5,058 08/Apr/2018
Using microtasks to crowdsource DBpedia entity classification: A study in workflow design Accept 5,165 08/Apr/2018
Detecting Linked Data Quality Issues via Crowdsourcing: A DBpedia Study Accept 5,964 08/Apr/2018
A comprehensive quality model for Linked Data Accept 6,517 08/Apr/2018
Linked data schemata: fixing unsound foundations Accept 7,659 08/Apr/2018
Literally Better: Analyzing and Improving the Quality of Literals Accept 5,181 08/Apr/2018
Weaving a Web of Linked Resources Accept 6,703 08/Apr/2018
SPARQL with Property Paths on the Web Accept 7,364 08/Apr/2018
Ontology Understanding without Tears: The summarization approach Accept 6,336 08/Apr/2018
FrameBase: Enabling Integration of Heterogeneous Knowledge Accept 5,580 08/Apr/2018
Semantic Web Machine Reading with FRED Accept 7,453 08/Apr/2018